July Specials

Vanilla Cupcake with Peach Sriracha Filling
Chai Cupcake
Dodgers Cupcakes

Cake - 4" Unicorn Cakes
Ice Cream Inspired Cakes:
Cookies and Cream - chocolate cake with cookies and cream filling, vanilla buttercream and dark chocolate ganache drip.

Drumstick - vanilla cake with peanut butter buttercream filling, vanilla buttercream and milk chocolate ganache drip with peanuts.

Neapolitan - vanilla, chocolate and strawberry cake layers with vanilla, chocolate and strawberry buttercream.

Bars - Strawberry Lemonade Bar

Loaf - Gluten-free Vegan Chocolate Banana Loaf

Hand Pies - Peach-Blueberry, Blueberry,Mixed Berry, Cherry Almond (Thurs. - Sun.)

Pies - Buttermilk, Seasonal Fresh Fruit, Cherry-Almond, Icebox (in-store only)

Cookies - Shortbread Sandwich Cookies with jam filling, "Under the Sea" Shortbread

Scones - Confetti with Strawberry Glaze

Big Sugar Gift Box - An assortment of delicious, bite-sized treats attractively arranged in our signature gift box wrapped with a big brown satin bow. The perfect gift for one or an office.

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